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Important Information 11/5/2020

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Domestic Cleaning Ruislip

Had enough of cleaning? Have better things to do with your free time? Why not have someone come to do your Domestic Cleaning in Ruislip.

Maybe now you should have a domestic cleaner who comes to do your regular housework for you. Just think of the other things you could do, without feeling guilty about a dirty house.

You may think that sounds ok, but where do you find a cleaner you can trust? Well the proprietors of J & J Cleaning Ltd have been in the cleaning business since 1993. The company is based in Harrow but the cleaners would live local to you in Ruislip.

If you need a domestic cleaner in Ruislip, J&J Cleaning Ltd have a large number of domestic cleaners

who have been fully vetted and referenced to give you peace of mind. In addition, if appropriate we will have checked the cleaner's residence and work status to make sure they are legally entitled to work. The cleaner will be able to take over your housework while you do other things.

It's a quick and simple process for us to select someone to do your domestic cleaning for you. We will just need some simple information.

Do you have a specific day of the week and time in mind for the cleaner to do the work? How many hours work will you need?

Will you want the same things done each week or will you want the flexibility to have the basics done each week and then specifics when you choose, such as cleaning kitchen cupboards or the oven?

Will you want ironing done?

J&J Cleaning Ltd will make sure you have a cleaner who is happy to do the cleaning or ironing you want and at a time and day convenient to you.

Once you are used to having your own domestic cleaner, what happens if the cleaner is off ill or on holiday? Well don't worry because we will provide you with a

replacement lady, just as soon as you tell us one is required.

Now just give us a quick call on 020 8869 1144 or you can email us enquiries@jj-cleaning.co.uk and in many cases we can allocate a cleaner on the same day. You could have your house cleaned before you know it. Domestic Cleaning in Ruislip